dprnutrition is a specialist provider of information, advice and consultancy services on all aspects of nutrition and food science.   It provides experience, skills and capabilities to undertake ad-hoc projects and to deliver ongoing consultancy.   Intelligence gathering focuses on your current or potential food products in relation to diet and health, regulatory issues and the competition.

dprnutrition offers advice and support in the following core areas :



Grow your business


Strategic vision, ideas and direction for profitable business growth


Identify product opportunities


Effective application of science and communications in the development, marketing and promotion of innovative products


Gain new customers


Presentation of your company's products and services and assistance in gaining access to new customers and suppliers


Ensure regulatory compliance


Development and validation of informative nutrition labelling, nutrition claims and health claims for consumer benefit and compliance with national and international regulations and codes of practice


Safeguard and restore consumer confidence


Practical management of media and sensitive handling of issues and damage limitation relating to concerns about the safety, quality and nutritional value of the food supply


Protect your competitive position


Full, objective competitor analysis with interpretations to support your business plans


Provide education and training


Training of personnel in nutrition and the biological sciences

  Use of clear and concise communications skills to explain scientific and technical concepts to non-specialist audiences  

Improve quality of communications

  Preparation and writing of scientific papers, reports, expert testimonies, magazine articles, promotional campaigns, advertorials and educational materials  

Editing and proof-reading of such material


Create first-class proposals


Development of research, marketing and public relations proposals that are scientifically credible and commercially attractive


Build partnerships and alliances


Networking and identification of key scientific researchers, expert consultants, opinion leaders for collaborative projects, nationally and internationally


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